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Client: Fusion design & advertising / Kenny Cullen

Started: 15/11/01

Completed: 16/12/01

Our Role: Coding

Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript


Fusion design & advertising provide a full design service, from basic business cards to complete advertising campaigns. They were looking for a way to present their work to a wider audience and felt a website would be a effective way to achieve this.

Fusion carried out the initial design work, with my role being to transfer it to the web, keeping the design as intact as possible.

By using absolutley positioned layers as opposed to tables for the main layout for the site, far greater control could be obtained over the presentation at the slight expense of compatability with older (v3) browsers.

To add a bit of 'interactivity' to the portfolio page a small piece of flash was used, with a non-flash version also being provided. Flash was also used for an 'introduction' to the site, which allowed visitors could skip past if they desiered.

The fusion website was an enjoyable site to work on and providied a number of challenges of its own, not least ensuring that it was presentable to the design community, who almost entirely us apple macs, an often forgotten platform in web design.

fusion design & advertising