The Ayrshire Electronic Community

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Client: Ayrshire Electronic Community

Started: 15/11/01

Completed: 16/12/01

Our Role: Management, Visual Design, Backend, Installation

Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, SQL Server


The Ayrshire Electronic Community are a partnership funded project operating throughout the Community and Economic Development areas of Ayrshire. We were contracted by them to provide suggestions for improvements to their existing site.

Part of the Ayrshire Electronic Communities goal is to promote the use of IT in the local area. Because of this, our approach was to focus on opening up the existing material on the website by suggesting adjustment to the existing sites navigation system.


After presenting our proposal and discussing at length with the AEC about how they wished their site to progress, it became apparent that a more through approach was required.

We were asked to prepare a proposal for a new site, acting as a portal to promote local websites. Being given an open brief also provided an ideal opportunity to move the site towards accesibility compliance and to optomise it for use on touchscreen kiosks being installed throughout the area by the AEC and East Ayrshire Council.